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Diagnostic Testing

Salivary Hormone Analysis

An in depth evaluation of your stress related and gender specific hormones including cortisol, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Salivary hormone analysis can be an effective tool in understanding concerns such as decreased energy, sleep difficulties, low mood, infertility and excess body fat.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Understanding our body’s response to what we eat can be challenging, as immune reactions can be delayed up to 3 days. IgG and IgA test our delayed immune response to food and can be integral in discovering the root cause in conditions such as digestive concerns, skin reactions, decreased energy, unwanted abdominal fat and chronic pain.

Chemical and Environmental Toxin Exposure

Examine your exposure to and elimination of common chemicals and toxins such as phthalates, parabens, VOC’s and heavy metals. Accumulation of environmental pollutants in our tissues interferes with optimal functioning of our hormonal and nervous system and can lead to multiple unexplained health concerns.

DNA testing

Comprehensive analysis and interpretation of several genetic factors including; cardiovascular health, mood and behaviour, lipid digestion, body composition and detoxification. Results from your DNA test help determine your optimal diet and nutrient protocol.

Nutrient and Optimal Health Analysis

Evaluate several key factors in optimal health and disease prevention including sugar metabolism, liver and thyroid function, inflammation and essential nutrients levels including;; vitamin D, Zinc, Iron and Magnesium

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